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Tarot Beginners Course

No previous Astrology knowledge is required. The programme designed to show you step by step how to become a competent Astrologer. One to one tuition at its best! The programme teaches you how draw up Natal Charts, and put together a profile of your subjects, understand and interpret. You will learn about Signs and Houses, elements & qualities, mentality & character, part of fortune and much more using Pam’s own easy to understand cards of signs, houses, elements and qualities! You will continue to develop the ability of natal chart creation and get to learn how to interpret the Personal Life, Career, Health, Psychic Ability etc. And most importantly you will be introduced to the exciting and revealing subject of Karma – how our past lives affect our present being. On completion of the first two 10 week courses you will achieve a diploma of competence.

By the time you start on the third 10 week course your friends and relatives will be asking you to draw up and interpret charts for them! So you progress on learning about Planetary Cycles, more about Karma, Psychic Ability etc, & how to find the time of birth, looking ahead for events and decision making times -and much-much more -and achieving yet another certificate!

In the final 10 week course your skills are such you could seriously consider practising professionally. Before this course ends and you receive your Astrologers Wings you will have understood how to do Solar returns and interpret them, Arabian parts and advanced health interpretation, Lunar returns, Mundane Astrology, Reincarnation, Asteroids (yes we plot them too!), Log time scales, Moon nodes and health, chakras, colours, stones, metals and yet more about the twelve houses.

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What people thought...

“I’ve attended all of Pam’s Astrology courses & I’ve enjoyed them immensely. Having completed these courses, I can recognise just how thorough Pam’s preparation is and how much time and effort she puts in. Pam ensures that she thoroughly understands the students on her courses. She is a very patient teacher and is more than willing to give further explanations when needed. I have found that what I learned under Pam’s tuition has enabled me to understand why those around me – family & friends – behave as they do.”