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When you have completed the Chakra Meditation Course -then you can enrol on the 10 WEEK ADVANCED CHAKRA DEVELOPMENT COURSES for an in-depth chakra development experience. Just how can you express the energy you are now releasing -what capabilities do you have? In this 10 week programme the journeying meditation techniques taught by Pam in the Chakra Meditation course are will be deepened and you will learn to channel healing energies and get positive results, engage your Spirit communicators, develop clairvoyance and the ability to read for others, express yourself through object reading and not least, with the help of Pam’s psychic art skills, open up the creative channels of power to develop your latent artistic ability. As you have come to expect from JCPF teachings, you will always be shown how to practise -also how to open up the higher order of consciousness and just as important, close down in safety with the practise of grounding sessions.

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What people thought...

I have attended this course a couple of times and have found it very beneficial to my wellbeing, Pam is a lovely gentle person who guides you through the meditation. Making new friends along the way .
I've attended both courses and what a difference Pam has made to my life, having cleared some of the crud from my chakras I am able to go forward with more confidence and feeling more connected to spirit and those who have passed over, I have also manifested lots creatively.
“I’ve attended both Chakra Meditation & Advanced Chakra Meditation Courses taught by Pam Ashenden and I’ve always found them to be most enjoyable. I have always felt safe within the JCPF environment. Pam has a gentle and kind approach towards her students and this, along with her very thorough preparation, enables her to understand and support them as they discover hidden, deep emotions. She has the ability to know when a student needs extra help and will often give healing after the class has ended. I include myself in this category. Thank you very much, Pam.”